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Web Design in Deland Fl – Sprinkler Site

This Website Design in DeLand is actually a re-design

I got a call from a client who loved the Psychiatry Website I made her, and she wanted one for her husband’s company.  It hadn’t been updated since Windows XP was on most computers.

I have designing websites down to a system.  A science even.   I gathered information about their company, goals, competition, the general field they are in for current trends, then began the design work.

Its a colorful, bold design that is accurate to their industry.  I built some SEO into the design to help them get noticed online.  They’ve already gotten business from the site.  Since they do bit ticket projects, if they get just one client from the website, it is well worth it to them.

Once they find their Google Business page login, with that updated and linking to their website, they’d get a lot more traffic to the site and more phone calls coming in.

Here is their website if you’d like to see it.


Dentist Website Design – The Google rank went from #16  to  #3 in 1 week!

dentist website design

Website Design in Deland FL example – Dentist Website

This is a website I made for a Dentist Recently.  His focus is entirely on Emergency Dentistry.  I used a high end WordPress theme to build this – one of the best ones available.  The stock images it came with were perfect for this.

Even more amazing was with this new website and a base level of SEO, they went from #16 to #3 on Google in the first week!  They couldn’t be happier!

This week I’ll start an Ad Campaign for them to bring in even more customers.

If you’d like your own Ad Campaign, Website or SEO upgrade, call me at 386-215-2582


Website Design  “Volusia Ballroom” Orange City

Link: www.VolusiaBallroom.com

A lot of thought went into this site.  Its geometrically perfect in it’s balance of elements.  Fast loading, clean, elegant, and optimized for phones, tablets or computer monitors.

In addition to the Web Design, I also custom designed their logos.   It was awesome to see a logo I put a lot of work into, covering the large window of their studio.

Both the named logo of Volusia Ballroom and the silhouette image of the dancing couple you can see further down the page.  Atanas and his team love the site and I hope it helps to bring them much success in their new Orange City Dance Studio.


Website Design – Insight Psychiatry Center

After I rebuilt their site, it went from not even showing up on Google (#100+) to #7 in a high competition market.  More SEO work would move it higher.

This website is for a Psychiatric Nurse, who is based in Bowling Green Kentucky, and provides service for all of Kentucky and Florida.  If her patients are not local, she works with them remotely over the internet or phone.

Her old site was on Vistaprint, but didn’t look that great and wouldn’t show up on Google at all.  She has a lot of competition so really needed something professional with good SEO.

In addition to professional web design, she needed good SEO.  In my research phase, I found that some people hadn’t heard of remote medicine or Tele-Psychiatry before.  They didn’t know it could be done in a video chat session.  Its a new thing because of Covid.

So I wanted people to see right from the start what it was about so they quickly understood what she is offering.

It uses the best medical WordPress theme on the market and includes a moving map, multiple contact forms, “Click to call” buttons to increase the number of people who call her, a slide show to quickly convey what and where her services are, and a lot more.


Deland Web Design Example

I’m pleased to announce this new website design I completed.  Its for the very nice people who own BackHome Antiques in Downtown Deland.

Its a nice shop on the south side of downtown. I’m glad they really like the site.

Its a higher quality website that would cost about double if they went with a firm out of the bigger cities.  Its design to display well in a phone as a computer monitor.  Something critical for modern websites.  It includes an online catalogue to show new Antiques, a map to the store and a host of other features.

The owner said he found the online store or shopping cart to be easy to use.  He uses it to advertise new antiques as soon as they come in.

Note: The owners have since moved back to Canada, eh?  So while the company has closed, I’m still happy with the work I did for them.


Amazon Affiliate Website

amazon affilate web design

I can build many different kinds of websites.  This one was built from the ground up to sell products through Amazon’s affiliate program.  It’s achieved high ratings in our focus tests.

Its designed so when someone buys the product the owner gets a percentage from Amazon.com.  This site is designed to be fast loading and house a wide variety of products for website visitors.  Its a set it and collect the profits kind of business.

It includes custom logo and fine tuned product posts, email collection bar.

And extra SEO online marketing campaign was created for this site.  With a Facebook page and advertisements.  It still is able to get likes to the FB page even when no posts are placed for it.

Web Design Introduction

Hi everyone.  I do quality Web Design, SEO and Graphic Design in Deland…and everywhere else, since it is online, even Volusia County) inexpensively.  Godaddy told me they charge DOUBLE what I charge for the same kind of website.  And that’s still a low price in the range of things.  Many companies charge around $10,000-15,000 for a fully custom website.  I charge a lot less than that.  See prices below.

I’ve been doing web and graphic design for years and have created a lot of websites.    Some sites I didn’t create, but upgraded, and it got them a much higher ranking in Google.

Because now-a-day’s SEO and social media marketing is just as important as the site itself.  A lot of that is content writing for the site.  “Content is King”, as far as google goes.

I went to Art School before getting into IT and writing, so this work is a way of combining all three.

I sell web design services with other things the site needs to really flourish and meet your needs as a business person.


  • WordPress
  • Allows you to updated it yourself easily, like email
  • Re-sizes it self to fit any screen, small or large
  • Favored by Google so it works better for SEO
  • Includes a Contact form so people can “email” you from the site
  • You get professional looking website branded email addresses, such as “your.name@yourwebsite.com

Includes hundreds of possible other features like:

  • Maps
  • Comments Sections
  • Members area
  • Online Store (e-Commerce)
  • Photo Galleries
  • Email collecting


 Website Design Is Important

Websites are the corner stones of most businesses.  A Website and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are the new yellow pages.  Without it, most business wouldn’t work.  Your Website attracts new customers and help keep the old ones.  These days, a Website isn’t an afterthought, but a central part of the company.

Even when you are picking out the name of your company, you have to take in account what domain names (website names) are available.  Some good planning up front, can make for a better time later on.

If a company is complaining about not doing so well, ask about their website.  Do they have one?

If so, take a look at it.  A good website takes time and skill, and financial investment.




SEO or Search Engine Optimization

As an example of my work, this website is the top in the area for computers, web design and SEO.  That was no accident.  It took a lot of work.  I’ve done the same for other people also.

Some site are easy to get to the top.  Others take a lot of work, but most are in between.  Most of the sites I have built or SEO’d, were at or near the top of google for they keywords.

It depends on what kind of site it is.  What industry, where it’s at, what they keywords are, the name of the company, what the current trends are.  Etc, etc.  There are many factors.

One site I did an SEO upgrade for, got DOUBLE the business starting the next day.  About a few weeks later, her business tripled.  She opened other locations around the county.  I can give you her phone number if you’d like.

SEO is big buzzword of modern times.  Back in the day, any old website would show up in a search.  No you have to build a website with certain features to show up well in the rankings.  Its both a science and art.  One that is constantly changing.  What worked last month, might not work so well this month, depending on changes to search engines and the internet in general.

But anyone who promises you they can get you to the top of google is not honest.  Depending on a number of variables, it is definitely possible to do, given enough money time and /or effort.  But like any other marketing effort, it’s not always easy to predict how much it will take to accomplish.


SEO Prices

The price for SEO Services range from $250 upward, depending on your needs.  I am flexible in pricing and can work with you, but it is a lot of work and requires an expertise.


Call 386-215-2582


Online Store or eCommerce or WooCommerce Website

This is to make an online store, or upgrade your existing site to one.  It gives you a complete eCommerce software package on your website.  With the ability to list and sell products or services from the site.  The site sends you the money and order information is sent to you.

If you only need to sell a few things, this can be set up for less with a simpler system.  Otherwise, this is for a full online store with the bells and whistles.


Graphic / Logo Design

Having  a logo made typically costs $75 to $250 at specialty graphic design shops.  Google will confirm this.

When I build you a website, you’ll get a basic one with your website included in the price.  If you notice, most companies, especially high end ones, use a simple, flat 1 or 2 color logo anyway.  So a basic one might be just what you need.

Otherwise, I charge $75/hr for pure graphics work.  Right in the middle of the price range.  I have years of experience with this.  With an education in design, typography and color psychology.

I’ve designed Corporate Logos, T-shirts, signs, stationary, images for videos, post cards, flyers, advertisements, 30-foot banners, etc.

I found another company had used some of my graphics to promote their SEO site.  That’s when I knew I made it big in the graphics world.   : )

With the Bike Week T’s logo, I incorporated a T-shirt as a letter T in the logo.  A lot of thought goes into the font selection, color, geometry, shading.




Web Designs Deland FL – Online Store

web design portfolio recent example

This is another screenshot with the orange slide show image.  It has more happy colors.

website design example, recent


This is a higher quality eCommerce site that has an online store so the client to sell things directly from the website.  The web site does the selling and he can ship the orders out of his home or office.  This client is based out of Daytona Beach FL, were he also has a print shop.

It has a custom logo that is ideal for their business and a flexible “responsive” WordPress website design, that makes it auto-adjust to whatever screen it’s on.  So the same site can bee seen on a large computer monitor down to a cell phone.  Which is important these days.

It will tie into a business Facebook page and other social media for the maximum reach.

Since it uses WordPress, it works better for SEO than the “quick builder” web design tools like what godaddy uses.  When I was on the phone with Godaddy to configure the SSL certificate so the site can have an online store, they told me godaddy would charge $3,000 for such a site, and it probably wouldn’t be as good.  I’m charging a lot less than that.

The godaddy Rep stopped and asked me if he could take notes on my SEO advice.  It was a bit of an honor to have a 6-year godaddy   employee amazed by my methods.  Godaddy is the largest domain name company, and probably the largest web hosting company in the world.  We spent 2.5 hours on the phone discussing the pros and cons of various website and SEO methods.  It was an interesting insight into that side of it.



Some Older Web Design Work

quality web site design for deland florida

white-block-of-space-repairThis is a recent Web Design example.  I made this in WordPress for a new business selling high-end Hot tubs.  The owner loves it.

Its use a beautiful theme design, re-sizes itself to fit on a phone, tablet or large monitor.  Its also easy to update with new words and pictures which improves sales and the ever-important SEO.

If you need a site but can’t afford it, I’ve done work on a sliding scale.  Please keep in mind that even a decent website takes a good amount of work.

Most sites take from 3-14 days to finish, depending on how nice it is, how much content is needs, and some other factors.  Usually, the nicer the site, the more time it takes to make.


Web Design Daytona Beach FL

Web design for deland florida portfolio example

white-block-of-space-repairThis was a redesign for an existing site in Daytona Beach.  The owner wanted this particular look.   So a clean, well organized design was used.  Ease of use by the customers was important.

The original logo was improved on with the pool background and extra text.  It was also built with WordPress for a great look, ease at updating and adding more ages, how well it re-sizes itself to fit any size screen, and of course, google likes WordPress so it has better SEO value.  SEO is a big deal for most businesses.



Web Design Daytona Beach FL

Website design Deland, Orlando


This has been an effective website.  It has a clean, attractive, uncluttered style for a better user experience.  The owner thinks it’s great.

A key feature the client wanted was a contact form at the top for collecting leads.  For his type of business, this gives a higher rate of contact from visitors.

It also made use of some well designed content to help the site show up in Google.

For this client, WordPress was picked as the platform for the site.  Like the other ones, mentioned here, its easy to update once made, favored for SEO, re-structures itself to fit any sized screen on the fly, and has a lot of potential features that can be added.

Maps, comments sections, members area, an online store (e-commerce), photo galleries, email collecting and literally hundreds of other options.


Web Design Orange City FL

I’ve used this theme in Web Design for a Property Broker web site.  Its very attractive, visual and easy for visitors to use.  It has a rotating header, cool shadow effects, and lots of options for visits to contact you.  All the full features that a WordPress-based site has to offer.

Like all the sites I design now, it changes to fit any sized screen.  About half of visitors any site gets, are by cell phone to check it out.

Having a auto-adjusting responsive site is a huge advantage for growing your business and seeing your traffic and cash inflow grow.



 Call 386-215-2582


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