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Do you need more customers? Do you need more time to focus on running your company & living life?    SEO and Digital Advertising is probably your answer.

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Digital advertising is mostly about having ads on Facebook, Google Adsense and Instagram.

Most companies these days need SEO (or SEM) and digital advertising to grow and thrive.   SEO means search engine optimization, which is improving your website so it shows up higher on search engine results.

If you combine both efforts at the same time, the effect is increased.  Information about what’s working on the website can be coordinated with the ads, and vice versa.

If you more about how it works, feel free to read further.  Other people know they need the service and just want to make the payment and have the work performed.  For that, skim through this and then call 385-215-2582.

Otherwise, I’ll provide more information here.

The Summary of this is…

Call me and tell me about your business.  I’ll give you some options and pricing – no pressure.  After payment, I get started.  I want your business to succeed.  Because I like helping people and the more you make, the more business I’ll make in the long run.  Its win-win.

Like other forms of marketing, usually the more you put into it, the more customers you get.

The Complete Digital Package

If you only need one service, or all of them, we can do the complete digital package for your online presence.  Build or rebuild your website.  SEO your existing website to boost your search engine results, create and run digital advertising for you.  And blend the information gleaned from each area to improve all of them.

  1. Website Design (or re-design)
  2. SEO / SEM
  3. Digital Advertising

The First Step

First, we briefly discuss your goals and the basics of how your business operates.

Then I audit your online presence – your business website and social media – if you have them.   Then I study the numbers for your market.  The search activity for your kind of business and what the competition is like.  Based on the data, I figure out what marketing efforts would be best to start with to get you more customers.

Your website is the new yellow pages, the main way customers find you.  Social media or digital ads are the new radio and tv ads of days not so long ago.  However, digital marketing is more cost effective, has a wider reach and can be narrowed down to your most likely customers.

I might use one or a  mix of Facebook, Google Adsense and Instagram Ads.  Some ad types are better for different kinds of businesses at different stages.  I make decisions based on research numbers I get, experience and experimentation to find what will help the most.  It takes hours of research and weeks or months of fine tuning.

Sometimes this is called social media management.


SEO is a great compliment to digital advertising.  Too many people only do one or the other.  I’ve found it works best to boost the SEO value of a someone’s website, then do the ads.  Its not always required, but helps a lot.

SEO is a science I’ve mastered. I have the top website for computer services in DeLand.  My clients always get on the first page of Google.

One client that I did an SEO upgrade for, started getting DOUBLE the business the next day. A few weeks later it had tripled.  She soon opened 4 more offices.  Its the Insights Counseling Center in Orange City. You are welcome to ask the owner about the results I got her.

It doesn’t happen that fast for every business.  In her case, she has little competition for what she does.  In most cases it takes more work to achieve that.  But usually within the first week of completing the first stage of SEO, a website goes up in rank.

The most recent client I SEO’d, went from  #10  up to  #3  on Google in the first week.  A huge improvement.

Getting enough reviews is also a factor.  I have a little-known trick to get more reviews online. Its a technique that complete turned around one business I know.  Before this, they were struggling to get enough work.

The higher your page rank in Google, the more calls & customers you get.  If it’s not on the first page, or sometimes the top 3 of the first page, you won’t get many calls from Google.

Its an ongoing process of research, improvement and testing.  For best results it needs to be adjusted or added to every month, especially if there’s a lot of competition, which there is in many cases.

The monthly retainer for this is flexible depending on how competitive your market is and what your goals are.  It ranges from $150 for very small sites, to $800 for larger more competitive sites that need more work.  $500 is a common average.

This includes updates and backups to your site which is critical these days.  For the past couple of years there’s been a spike in website hacking/cracking attempts.  Mostly coming from overseas.

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Digital Marketing

Ads on Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc, are the big thing now.  It gives you the most bang for your advertising buck.

Instead of casting a wide net, I can narrow down your target audience to people who are most likely interested in your business.  By age, gender, location, interests, history, etc.

I have a client that once every other month when the hot tub expo comes to town, I run Google ads for him for a 3-4 day weekend for $300 and it always produces more sales for him.

But most businesses need ongoing ads.  In the field of marketing, there’s a famous example when Coke decided to cut back on ads.  They figured, “hey, we’re Coke.  Do we need to keep advertising?”  They reduced their marketing and to everyone’s surprise, their business dropped too.

Immediate & Cumulative Effects.

With Ads, you might get more customers the day the ads are started – the effect is immediate. Other times, after seeing your ad on a regular basis for 2 months, a sense of presence is established and you start getting more customers from it.  It depends on the kinds of business you have and other factors that determine this.

Facebook Posts, likes, reviews, etc, are mostly for a cumulative effect. It creates the sense of a social presence.  It builds social proof.  Like any type of marketing, normally, the more you spend the more customers you get.

Nationally, small to medium-sized businesses invest from about $1,000 to $10,000 a month on digital marketing. Some spend up to 20k.

The recommended minimum is $500 a month. A standard minimum for most companies nationally is about $1,000-1,200 a month.

For Dentist, Doctors, Nicer restaurants, Upscale Hair Salons, Car dealerships, Real Estate Agents, etc. $2,000-5,000 per month is common.

For some professions, getting just one more client a month pays for the whole month’s ads and SEO.

I can roll everything together for a complete online marketing program. What’s happening on your Ads compliments your SEO efforts and vice versa.  When they all fit together it all works better to get you more customers.

Service levels are flexible, therefor pricing levels are flexible, and there are no long term contracts.

DeLand has 32,000 regular residents. Thousands more are daily guests and tourists.  That’s a lot of people looking on Google and Social media for places to spend their money.

If you’re not advertising for those customers, your business competitors probably are.

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