remote computer support and repair

Remote Support Is:

  • Fast
  • Convenient
  • Secure
  • Less Expensive

We can repair your computer remotely for many issues.  Its done over the internet using secure program that you control like Teamviewer or Google Chrome’s Remote Desktop.

You can just call if you want and I can talk you though downloading the right programs.  If you want to do it ahead of time, below are the recommended programs.


Download from here.

It is a popular program and currently the industry standard.  Used for everything from home computers to large corporations.  Its easy to use and gives control to the person getting the repairs.

It generates a password that you give to me to connect to your computer to repair it.  We both work on your computer at the same time.  Once done, another password is needed to access your computer, which the program generates for you.

Being able to repair a computer remotely is a very useful tool.  You get results right away and its basically as good as a Technician working on your computer in person.

Its convenient, and a usually costs less for us to do.  It allows us to fix computers anywhere in the world.

Remote repair works well for most viruses, slow computers, computer errors, etc.  Its is also useful for diagnostics.


Call 386-215-2582 to get your computer fixed!


Alternate Method – Google Chrome Remote Desktop

Google Remote Desktop is another program we can use to repair your computer.  Its super easy.  It works through Google Chrome.  Just use Chrome to download their little Remote Desktop App.  It’s right here:

Download Chrome Remote Desktop

If you don’t have Chrome, you can download it here.


How to install Chrome’s Repair App

Use the link to get this button on your screen.

install chrome remote desktop


It opens this menu.  Click this one.

remote desktop support tool


Click the top one for Remote Assistance.

remote desktop support


And install the App

install chrome remote desktop


And there you go!  You are ready to get your computer fixed remotely!