Volusia Computers


Call if you are in Volusia and need your computer repaired.  You can visit my location, or I can travel to yours at no extra cost.

Call Today At : 386-215-2582

I have multiple certifications, 16+ years of experience and only charge if I can fix your computer(s).  Many repairs are $40.

I’ve done computer repair and networking in Volusia County for many years.  Repairing individual computers, small business offices and for medium & large sized corporations.

So I’ve fixed and understand a wide range of computer issues.  I know lots of tricks to speed your computer up, the best antivirus to get for free, and the best free software for your office.

I’m friendly, professional and usually will make you laugh.

I repair all forms of PC’s, though I currently don’t work on (much) Apple products or Tablets.


Repairs for Volusia Computers

I do fix laptops, desktops, servers, large and small printers,  small-to-medium sized networks, internet service, Cat5 or network cabling, patch panels, Bright House internet, WiFi, routers, etc.  You name it, I can probably fix it.  I also used to work for Bright House, so I’m very familiar with there systems.

Volusia County is a fairly large area, and I have clients in large corporate offices and single mom’s without much money to spend.  So I charge on a sliding scale.  Don’t be afraid to call and ask.

I can speed up your computer, remove any virus, and know lots of free programs that you can use to replace expensive ones.  From free alternatives to Microsoft Office, to browsers that do a better job at filtering out viruses, to antivirus programs that are better than the ones you pay for.

Of course, I also do Website Design at very affordable prices.