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  • PC Repair
  • Laptop Repairs or Fix
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Onsite Office Network Installation & Repair
  • Internet Cable Installation – Cat5 & Cat6
  • Top-Ranking Web Design, SEO & Online Ads
  • $50 For Smaller Repairs
  • Online, Phone Tech Support Appointments
  • Remote Computer Repairs Available
  • Same-Day or Next Day Repairs In Many Cases
  • Can Fix Almost Any Computer or Network Issue


DeLand Computer Repair

I do Computer Repair & Laptop Repair in Deland FL, and surrounding areas.  I’m a Computer Technician with Multiple Certifications and 16 years of experience. I can fix nearly any computer or network issue.  For individuals to large offices.

I can usually solve the most difficult cases.  I repair laptops and desktops, remove difficult viruses, connect printers, connect wired and wireless routers, fix internet connections, set up entertainment systems, etc.

I currently do not work on phones, Macs or tablets.

I’m friendly, professional and can explain things with common terminology.

Deland Computers  –  Volusia Computers

I do Computer Repair in Deland and most of Volusia County.  It could be called Volusia Computer Repair or PC Repair, or Laptop Fix, but I’ve created this site for clients in Deland.  I don’t charge extra for travel within Volusia.

Clients often bring their computers to my place in Deland, and I frequently visit clients at their location.  I can also work remotely for some software issues if your internet is working well enough.

Service locations include – Deland, Deltona, Debary, Orange City, Lake Helen, Deleon Springs, Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Mt. Dora, Sanford, Lake Mary, Port Orange, etc.

Deland map

Web Design DeLand

I also do Web Design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Internet Marketing, In DeLand, Orange City, Daytona Beach.  Or for anyone anywhere.  I have done web design for clients I’ve never met in person.   Such is the magic of the internet.

The biggest problem with web design now is the cheap “Easy builder” or “Drag and Drop” builder websites… DON’T show up in Google.  Or if they do, its now where near the top of the search results.  This includes Wix, Weebly, etc.  Even Google’s free websites.

Google and the other search engines do not like those kinds of websites. This is the reason most web design companies still primarily use WordPress as a platform.  It takes a lot more skill and time to make sites with it, but it makes “real” websites and they show up in Google.

I’ve been #1 in the rankings in DeLand for over 10 years because I use WordPress and know how to do SEO with it. 

The main point of web design is to get traffic to your site.  It doesn’t matter how cheap or pretty your website is, if no one sees it.

Like most things, you get what you pay for.

My websites are meticulously hand-crafted and polished here in the US of A.  Made with only the finest Grade-A pieces of code and fresh graphics.

Most people call if they want someone local for Web design in DeLand, Daytona Beach, Orange City, etc.  They also want someone who understands the local dynamics and work works in business here.

Here’s a new page that’s chock full of interesting information about Web Design.  Its directed to Orlando, but applies to everyone.

I can help you with the domain name, hosting.  I use WordPress mostly, the most popular way to make a website.  It allows you to login to the site when you’d like and make changes yourself.  A good website is tricky to set up but once complete, changed the text and pictures is almost easy as using email.

I can also write content for your website to increase traffic and handle your Social Media Marketing, running advertisements, creating videos, etc.  I do it all pretty much.

This is a fairly simple site, but bold, clean and effective for what it’s about.  Lots of content to drive traffic and it works.  I have the top site in the area for computer services.

Other than building a website, the most important thing is getting it seen.  Now a days, there’s often more work in promoting it than building it.  This is often called SEO or SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

There are a lot of things that can be done to improve your website rankings, increase sales or whatever your goals are.


New Dentist Website Design – Their Business Doubled In The First Week!   Their Google rank went from #16  to  #3 !

dentist website design

Link:  www.RiteNowDental.com

This is a website I made for a Dentist Recently.  His focus is entirely on Emergency Dentistry.  I used a high end WordPress theme to build this – one of the best ones available.  The stock images it came with were perfect for this.

Even more amazing was with this new website and a base level of SEO, they went from #16 to #3 on Google in the first week!  They couldn’t be happier!

This week I’ll start an Ad Campaign for them to bring in even more customers.  In comparison to the other 40 Dental Offices in DeLand, this is the best website.  It has helped them greatly in competing with the big corporate Dental Offices.

If you’d like your own Ad Campaign, Website or SEO upgrade, call me at 386-215-2582

Website Design Example – Volusia Ballroom, Orange City

A lot of thought went into this site.  Its geometrically perfect in it’s balance of elements.  Fast loading, clean, elegant, and optimized for phones, tablets or computer monitors.

In addition to the Web Design, I also custom designed their logos.  Both the named logo of Volusia Ballroom and the silhouette image of the dancing couple you can see further down the page.  Atanas and his team love the site and I hope it helps to bring them much success in their new Orange City Dance Studio.

web design logo

Ballroom dancing logo I made for web design


Web Design – Car Detailing Company

Link: www.carandr.net

They had a Wix website, but needed a real one, so I made one in WordPress.  Google does not like Wix. They needed one better website than the competition, so they got it.  Everyone I’ve shown this to has give then “wow that looks great” response.  That’s the first test I give.

They have a lot of competition, so they will need more SEO work than average.  You need more and better SEO than your competition.  SEO is having more words, content, links, boxes checked, meta tags made, images, Social Media, etc, etc.   Plus some tricks and formulas.

The more SEO, the higher the page rank.  The higher the rank, the more calls and business you get.

Running ads and doing Social Media is the next stage.  If you want help with this, let me know.  You have questions, I have answers.  : )  Go ahead and call.


Website Design Example – Insight Psychiatry Center

After I rebuilt their site, it went from not even showing up on Google to #11 in a high competition market.  More SEO work would move it higher.

Link: www.insightpsychiatrycenter.com

This is a new website for a Psychiatric Nurse, who is based in Bowling Green Kentucky, and provides service for all of Kentucky and Florida.  If her patients are not local, she works with them remotely over the internet or phone.

Her old site was on Vistaprint, but didn’t look that great and wouldn’t show up on Google at all.  She has a lot of competition so really needed something professional with good SEO.

In addition to professional web design, she needed good SEO.  In my research phase, I found that some people hadn’t heard of remote medicine or Tele-Psychiatry before.  They didn’t know it could be done in a video chat session.  Its a new thing because of Covid.

So I wanted people to see right from the start what it was about so they quickly understood what she is offering.

It uses the best medical WordPress theme on the market and includes a moving map, multiple contact forms, “Click to call” buttons to increase the number of people who call her, a slide show to quickly convey what and where her services are, and a lot more.

Website Design Example – BackHome Antiques In Deland FL

 You can read more about this website that was recently designed on the Web Design page.  It was designed for a nice couple with a couple that sells antiques downtown Deland FL.  They’ve very happy with it.  A lot of thought and planning went into it, and they got it for about half what it would cost if bought from a company in Daytona Beach or Orlando.

With this website design, they can easily upload new inventory to the online store for potential customers from anywhere in world to buy from them.

Below is an image that’s just too cool so it must be included.

Pretty Intense huh?

Remote Computer Repair

I can fix many software problems if your computer works well enough to go online.  This can be done with one of a number of commonly used and secure programs you can download for free, such as Teamviewer or Logmein.

Windows has a version built in called “Remote Desktop” (though it’s rarely used) and Google Chrome also has a similar feature.

They are secure options, and you control when the connection is made.  Each time the program gives you a unique password to give to me, which is required for the connection.

Payment is usually made through paypal and is relatively inexpensive.

Remote Computer Repair is a valuable tool for the technician and client alike.  We’ve found it very useful.  Some things need an in-person Technician to fix.  However, for many problems, Remote Repair / Support is quicker and less expensive than waiting for an appointment.

remote computer repair

PC Laptop Repair

Fixing the software on your laptop is like with a desktop.  The hardware however is more challenging, but can done.  It can be like doing surgery.  Cracked screens, are the most common thing to replace.

If you bought a “cheap laptop” and need it fixed or improved, I can make a computer run like new again in most cases.  One method is to erase and reinstall Windows / the hard drive, makes it run like it was from the factory, and 100% free of viruses.

 deland laptop repairVery useful

Desktop Repair

Desktops are easier to work on as far as hardware.  Its easier to open them, swap out and test parts, which makes them better for workstations in an office.

Its also easier to make them run faster than a laptop if that’s needed.  If you are in need of repair for your desktop computer, just give me a call.

 deland volusia desktop computer repairMaybe on & under your desk right now

Virus Removal

Is your computer slowed down and clogged up with Viruses, Pop-ups, Fake Antiviruses, Adware, Malware and similar programs?

Whatever you call them, there are many of them.

At least half of what I do with computer repair is remove Viruses.  Most computers have some level of viruses.  Some are more of a problem than others.

There are a number of ways to remove them, depending on your case.  In addition, I have found some free Antivirus programs that works as well or better than the paid for versions I can recommend.

These can give you years of free protection, and worth more than the cost of a visit.

Antivirus Computer Virus RemovalComputer Virus Spreads To Humans!


Computer networks are a major part of most businesses these days.  I can set up your home or office network so your computers, printers, copiers, data storage and servers can talk to each other.

I can do basic copier or printer repair, and connect it to the network so you can print to it.

I do network (Cat5) cabling, and can configure wireless (wifi) connections also.  I also worked for the local cable company, so I can also troubleshoot your internet connection.

I can configure Routers, Switches, Modems, Firewalls and other network devices to share the network and the internet.

 deland office networkIn every office

 copy machine repairI can help if you have something like this

Or even thisdeland printer repair

Get a Start Button For Windows 8!

Are you having a hard time using Windows 8?  A lot of people have.  I can change the settings to make it much easier to use.  It will look and run more like Windows 7 with some simple changes.

This includes bringing back the Start Button and Menu.

How to get Windows 8 Start Button This makes it MUCH easier to use

So far, everyone has loved the making Windows 8 look like Windows 7 again.  It is so much easier to use.  You can get to programs faster and don’t have to dig around for the program or file that you are looking for.

Its usually a simple and fast fix.

Speed up a Computer

Since we’re talking about how to improve your computer, how do you speed up a slow computer?  There are many ways.  I can do this as part of another repair, or as it’s own service.  Virus and other junk on your computer can slow it down.

Also, nearly every computer has programs running in the background that you don’t need or never use.  Most people don’t even know they have them.

When you install most programs, they often run in the background all the time, even when  not in use.  I turn off these programs and the results are quick and dramatic.

That’s just one of the methods for speeding up a computer.  I can usually get a 30-80% improvement in speed within 5-10 minutes.

Computer Repair Near Deland FL

I fix computers in most of Volusia County in addition to Deland.  Web design – DeLand, Orange City, Daytona Beach, etc.  But can be done from clients anywhere.  For DeLand Computer Repair, 386-215-2582 for help.

Mobile computer repair is part of my business.  Sometimes I’m already traveling around the county anyway, and if you need help, all I have to do is stop by.

Just call ahead and I can often fix your computer that day.

Computers can be dropped off at my place in Deland, or I can provide mobile service to your location for on-site repairs.  Whichever works best for you.

The cities included in the service are (but are not limited to) Deland, Deltona, Debary, Orange City, Lake Helen, Deleon Springs, Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Mt. Dora, Sanford, Lake Mary, Port Orange, etc.

I can help, whether you need help at home, or for a large corporate network.  I worked for years as the IT manager for a medium-sized office that grew from a small one.  So I know the ins-and-outs and particular needs for the small to medium sized business first hand.

I also worked for companies that would go in to all different sized corporations and fix their computer problems large and small.  One day I was fixing laptops in a 4 person office in Orlando.  The next day, I’d be working on the network cabling for a 6 story tall corporate office in Lake Mary.

Now I freelance.  My wide background allows me to help pretty much any kind of IT issue.   I’m very familiar with the needs of both the home user, the small business owner, and staff in a large corporate office.

Take a look at Deland

Remote Computer Repair

I’ve started doing a lot more remote computer repair or support lately.  Most of it has been word of mouth.  Its interesting to get random calls come in…”I heard about you from a friend or someone at work, they really recommended you”.

I have them download a free (and secure) program like TeamViewer and I’m fixing their problems in minutes.  TeamViewer gives them a password to give me to log in.  Once done and the program is closed out, it gives another password when it restarts.

So they control the connection.  I talk to them on the phone while working and they give me the password.

So far it’s worked great!  I’m able to fix almost anything this way.  Remove crapware, malware, viruses, speed the computer up, install antivirus programs, better browsers, fix errors…check the oil, rotate the tires, everything.

It’s all been good feedback.

Sometimes even if I’m going to repair a computer in person, I’ll “remote in” to it before hand, to see what’s going on with it.

One of the things I do is offer free programs to people.  Things they get to keep and save them a lot of money.

I have a bundle of them, which are a result of constantly looking and testing the best and newest free programs.  The best free antivirus, malware removers, Office programs, browsers, cleaners, utilities, etc.  You name it, there’s a free version of it.

Its can save you hundreds of dollars for the home computer user, and tens of thousands for businesses.

Nowadays, the free stuff is often better than the stuff you pay for.  If you know which ones to get and how to to make sure they stay free.  People are surprised until they start using these apps.

My usual workflow goes something like this:

  1. Diagnose what’s going on.
  2. Turn off unnecessary programs running in the background that are slowing things down.
  3. Uninstall crap programs that slow things down, cause errors, etc.
  4. Do virus scans with programs you get to keep and use forever for free.
  5. Install other free programs if you need and want them.

I got started in IT working for Dell Technical Support, many years ago.  We wished would could have had such amazing remote repair tools like you can download for free now.  Its like being in front of the computer you are working on.

I have some out of state clients, and providing remote support online and over the phone is like doing repairs on someone’s computer across town.

Windows 10 Repair

I’ve been getting a lot of Windows 10 repair calls since it started unofficially installing itself on people’s computers.  Usually I hear that it ran ok at first, but within a week it was slow, wouldn’t work, had conflicts, errors, etc.

Unfortunately, the undo feature doesn’t usually work either.  After 30 days, even that option is gone.

What has worked, is backing up a client’s data, then erasing and reinstalling Windows.  The computer runs like new after this.  Its also completely free of viruses.

One client had me install Linux on two of his computers for the extra security it offers compared to Windows 10.  He seems to like it so far.  It can be made to basically look like Windows 7 if you want.  Or pretty much anything.

There was one client who wanted 10, even though the upgrade had froze his computer.  I was able to back up his data, erase his computer and install a clean, full copy of Windows 10 from Microsoft.  It ran better than the upgrade, and he was only using it for work, so he didn’t mind using it.

Repair Windows 10

Repair Windows 10” has been a trending topic lately.  More computer are being sold with it, more calls are coming in about it,  and the issues it has are surfacing more.

Problems with incompatibilities, computers running slow and errors in general are driving calls to Repair Windows 10.  Then of course there’s the new virus infections.

If you can, stick with an earlier version of Windows.  Such as XP, 7 or 8.  Unless of course you’ve started using a flavor of Linux or the program that comes with Macs.

Call Today At : 386-215-2582

I repair all brands of computers, toshiba, dell, gateway, acer, IBM, asus, emachines, compaq,

Repairing All Brands of Computers

Some people work on just one brand of computer.  Here, all brands are fixed.  That includes Dell, Gateway, HP, Asus, Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba, Sony, Compaq, IBM, eMachines, Fujitsu and more in case I forgot one.

This includes repairs for both laptops and desktops.  Each brand and even each model within a brand has it’s own design and issues.  But for the most part the components are fairly similar.  The biggest issue is how each one is taken apart to be repaired.

We don’t currently work on Macs, but we can setting up a wireless internet or install a printer.

Computer Repair Services

These can fall under a number of similar categories.  The important thing is you can find the service that you need to find some PC Repair.

If you worked within a company and needed computer support or computer help at your desk, you’d call one of these departments.  We work as your Computer Tech Support though for your home of office.

  • Computer Tech Support
  • Computer Repair Services
  • Computer Support

 Computer Repair Shop Near Me

Something else people look for is a “computer repair shop or store near me”.  We have a workshop in town and focus on repairs, web design and SEO Services.  These days anyone in business needs all of those services filled.

Whether or not they sell items or stick to PC Repair, depends on the kind of shop it is.

Often, just getting a repair is all you need.  Getting new parts maybe in order, but in most cases the problem is software.

  • PC Repair
  • Computer Repair Shop
  • Computer Repair Shop Near Me

PC Repair Services Deland FL

We’ve been in the PC Repair Services business for years.  I’ve seen and fixed just about everything.  Which is part of what keeps it interesting.  I have multiple certifications and a lot of my business is repeat customers when I fix their other computers, and referrals.

I have found, as I was just telling someone today, that since I started giving people a better and not as well known antivirus program, repeat business has declined.

I mention the term PC Repair Services, specifically because some people call up needing someone to “Repair my pc” or “Fix my pc”.

Sometimes people just want it fixed, but usually they want to understand what the problem was and how to prevent it from happening again.

Some people define their computer as a PC, so we have to mention it here.  PC means “personal computer”, and meant basically any computer that wasn’t a Mac.

  • Repair my PC
  • Fix My PC
  • PC Repair Services

Computer Help

Another area we want to focus on is Computer Help.  Some people may ask for that specifically.  It can cover or include all the topics above including things to do with PC Support and Virus Removal Service.

Virus removal is one of the most common things we do.  Most computer have some kind of viruses on them.  Many times they don’t seem to have much effect.  But they can collect passwords, ruin your files and most commonly they slow your computer down.

So a major part of PC Support is about Viruses and Malware.  Sometimes you know were the virus is and can do a removal manually.  Other times it would take days to remove each one and a reinstall is the best way to fix your computer.

  • PC Support
  • Computer Virus Removal
  • Virus Removal Service
<p style="text-align: center;"><span class="r-i2PmHdtCs2_w"><span class="review-full-text">My brother's PC would not boot up Windows. I tried everything I knew, Googling the issue and following suggested procedures. The PC kept getting stuck at 64% in the restore process. I finally threw in the towel and searched the internet for a computer repair service near me in DeLand. LUCKILY I found Daniel. He was able to load a new version of Windows 10 for us the very same day. AND at a very reasonable price! He's an amazing tech with a great attitude...Funny, Friendly, Fast, and PROFESSIONAL!!! I would definitely refer any of my friends, family, or co-workers to Daniel. </span></span></p> <p style="text-align: center;"><strong><span class="r-i2PmHdtCs2_w"><span class="review-full-text">Sandy Moss</span></span></strong></p>,
<div class="_vor" style="text-align: center;"> <span class="r-ilQX_9GNi8jY">Had two laptops one freezing and one would not even come on. Left with Deland computer repair and both working better than when new. </span><span class="r-ilQX_9GNi8jY">Couldn't be more pleased with service and price.</span>   </div> <div class="_ucl" style="text-align: center;" data-async-context="feature_id:0x88e71b716d7dc321%3A0x11156b047df93d6;max_num:1;sort_by:qualityScore;start_index:3"> <strong>Greg Anderson</strong></div>,
<div class="_vor"> <div> <div class="_ucl" style="text-align: center;" data-async-context="feature_id:0x88e71b716d7dc321%3A0x11156b047df93d6;max_num:1;sort_by:qualityScore;start_index:1"><span class="r-i3KqYDzyDE2U">5 Stars - Had a PC that wouldn't even come on. Dropped it off to Daniel at DeLand Computer Repair; he diagnosed the problem, fixed the problem, and had the PC back to me in a day. Excellent work done at a reasonable price. Daniel knows his stuff.</span></div> <div class="_ucl" style="text-align: center;" data-async-context="feature_id:0x88e71b716d7dc321%3A0x11156b047df93d6;max_num:1;sort_by:qualityScore;start_index:1"></div> </div> </div> <div class="_ucl" data-async-context="feature_id:0x88e71b716d7dc321%3A0x11156b047df93d6;max_num:1;sort_by:qualityScore;start_index:1"></div> <div class="_ucl" style="text-align: center;" data-async-context="feature_id:0x88e71b716d7dc321%3A0x11156b047df93d6;max_num:1;sort_by:qualityScore;start_index:1"> <strong>Preston Collum</strong>   </div>,

Just like this guy

PC Computer Repair Like Macguyver

I have a lot of clients who bring me their regular computer or their backup.  Most are home computer users, but many are small business owners.  Those people are usually the easiest to deal with since they know what it is to run a small business.

They can appreciate what it takes to things faster.  The typical computer shop will have your computer to you in 4-7 days.  Sometimes longer.  I usually can get them done by the next day.

In a case from a couple of days ago, I had a chance to put my Macguyver skills to the test.  A client needed a computer to print checks for his large auto-body shop, but the tower was randomly rebooting itself.  And the next day was payroll day.

After diagnostics showed no problems with the usual parts, I discovered it was the power switch.  A rare but known issue for this model.

He didn’t have a week for parts to be shipped in, and he needed it repaired right away for his company to run.  And he had no backup of the files on this computer.

So I figured out a way to bypass the switch, and rig it so he could touch a couple wires together on the front of the case, it would start right up.  Touch them together again, and it would shut off.

I wanted to put a real switch on it, but the nearest Radio Shack is a half hour away.  The important thing was getting the computer repaired and functional.  He was really happy with it.

I had it back to him the next day, not 7 days, and it worked like a charm.  He even paid me with one of the checks he printed, with a bonus added.

It was great that things worked out so well.  Years of watching Macguyver paid off.

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